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You should confide yourself to such a surgeon to whom you can trust with. It should be in your best interest to find a surgeon who is board certified and has successfully treated past patients. While opting for this surgery, one should choose a certified surgeon to perform this surgery since a certified surgeon is only given the board certification once he/she has completed all the training and residency with exact knowledge, skill and technique of the surgery. It is very important to get any surgery performed by a board certified surgeon as because they have the expertise in this field and with their vast knowledge better results can be achieved. There should be honest communication with the surgeon in order to meet your expectations.

Top Two Reasons For Male Breast Revision Surgery

Reason #1:
The initial surgery is usually employed by liposuction only which does not reduce gland tissue of breasts. The major component is the breast tissue gland in development of male breasts which an important factor in Gynecomastia. This tissue can be firm or hard composed of a softer fibrous tissue network and in both cases, the removal of tissue surgically can provide an optimal results.

However, there are many surgeons who perform this surgery using the technique of liposuction without removing the breast gland. The techniques that are used today includes: tumescent, ultrasonic, smart and sharp liposuction cannula. While these techniques may be sufficient for treating Pseudogynecomastia, but they do not eliminate the glandular tissue found with true male breasts enlargement.

Reason #2:
Both the procedure of liposuction and male breast gland reduction is performed, but it often leaves behind a prominent breast mound on the treated area of the chest. If there is sufficient amount of tissue left behind, the surgeons will be in a good position to perform the revision surgery in order to correct them. We encourage you to get your surgery performed by your initial plastic surgeon since he will have a better understanding of your situation based on previous surgery and will try to make every effort to address your concerns.

Other Common Reasons For Gynecomastia Surgery

There are and can be other reasons for revision surgery needed for removal of male breasts, but the above mentioned are some of the common ones. If you don’t have a surgeon, Harley Gynecomastia Clinic proudly features panel of some of the best reputed surgeons associated in UK with us.