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Klinefelter syndrome:

It is a genetic condition found in males who have XXY chromosomes, rather than having the usual XY chromosomes that occurs in 1 out of every 500 male births. The characteristics of this syndrome include low production of testosterone, small testes and infertility.

Pituitary Insufficiency:

When there is a secretion decrease of one or more of the hormones that are produced by glands of pituitary, the condition is called as Hypopituitarism. The symptoms and signs of Pituitary Insufficiency depends and varies on which hormones are to be under secreted and thus resulting in testosterone low production causing male breasts enlargement.

Pituitary Tumors:

Prolactinoma is the most common pituitary tumor production where these tumor causes over production of prolactin hormones. In men, this prolactin tumor production hormone causes the male breast to enlarge, decrease in body hair or infertility even.

Other Tumors:

Tumors or adrenal gland produces hormones which can alter the female-male hormonal imbalance resulting in male enlargement of breasts.


With aging process, the testosterone amount in man’s body decreases. This sudden decrease of the hormones leads to imbalance of estrogen hormone, which in turn causes Gynecomastia. The excess fat in breasts gets encouraged due to this change in hormones and leads to estrogen production.


Due to thyroxine over production in the thyroid gland, it can result in overly large breasts in male.

Kidney failure:

Gynecomastia can be experienced due to patients being treated with hemodialysis that causes hormonal changes.

Liver Failure And Cirrhosis:

Diseases related to liver and medications taken related to it are associated with breasts development in men.

Malnutrition And Starvation:

Testosterone level decreases due to malnutrition, yet level of estrogen remains the same, thus resulting in hormonal changes and development of breasts in male.