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Exercises Suitable For Reducing The Appearance Of Male Breasts:

The appearance of male breast can be minimized by exercise. It is essential to get started with low intensity exercise if you are out of shape and once you start losing your body weight along with your increasing endurance, you can address pectoral fat by practicing more intense targeted exercises.

Daily Routine of Cardio Exercises:

You need to maintain a cardio routine to lose the excess body fat. Cardio workouts which are part of upper body parts exercises not only increase your heart rate but also chest muscles are targeted. Rowing exercise addresses the chest, back, arms and increases resistance power. Swimming may be beneficial if you are looking to start with a low intensity exercise.

Interval Training:

In order to maximize your workout for cardio, considering interval training would be best. During such kind of training, less intense relief span is alternated with short intense exercise. For instance, you can run for thirty seconds and balance it with walking or jogging. Excess fat can be burnt with interval training and it will also be easy to get rid of chest fat more efficiently.


You can opt for push-ups in order to tighten and straighten the muscles of your upper body area. Once your performance gets improved with time, you can place weight between the blades of your shoulder in order to add up resistance. A spotter or fitness coach can assure that you are maintaining good posture and he/ she can also put the weight on your back during the workout session.


Your chest muscles can be toned up and sculpted by weight training. A targeted workout for the chest muscles would be an inclined press with dumbbells. You need to put your back at 45 degree angle to the ground by sitting on an incline bench. After that, you need to hold two dumbbells and press those towards the ceiling and back. Bring your hands together right after lowering them to your side. You have to make sure that your back is flat (no arching).

What If Workout Does Not Help To Contour My Chest?

You may plan to reach out to a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in male breast surgery, if the changes of your workout routine and diet plan don’t really help to improve your chest’s appearance. Your realistic expectations can be achieved without any intervention of surgical procedure by doing so.