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The costs of the surgery usually include:

Why Gynecomastia Surgery Costs Vary?

There are some patients who require a simple liposuction. In other cases, there needs to removal of breast tissue that needs to be break apart, nipple shape needs to be altered and many more other issues which needs to be addressed in surgery. All of these are taken into consideration and as a result, the time of surgery can vary greatly, resulting in additional costs, including usage of the facility for longer time, surgical staff’s time and surgeon’s time as well.

Experts who are associated with Harley Gynecomastia Clinic have experience and training and are board certified in performing this surgery as compared with any general plastic surgeons. While considering any surgery, you should find and choose a board certified surgeons who has many before and after images of their past patients to show you and has been operated on with similar condition. This can save you from undergoing any revisional surgery or less than optimal results. Often specialists charges higher rate for their experience and surgical skills, but we are offering gynecomastia cost surgery starting from if done with VASER at £2699 and with VASER plus surgical gland removal at £4499.

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost of Surgery?

Since most of the surgery for elimination of male breasts is cosmetic, they would be rarely covered by the medical insurance. In certain rare cases, the insurance provider can cover the surgery based on the patients and surgeons account on condition if it carries pain to patient or any medical risk.

Cost Of Revision Surgery

There are some cases, where men undergo the surgery and when their chest appearance stabilizes, they usually feel unhappy with the results. The surgeon operated the surgery on patient will often agree to do a revision surgery or corrective surgery at no or low cost, and hence patients are advised to wait a year to seek second surgery because revision surgeries tends to be cost more since they are complex than the primary Gynecomastia surgery. To know more, click on to our prices page.