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Gynecomastia In Overweight Or Obese Men Or After Massive Weight Loss

This section of our page will throw a light to the different treatments available for Gynecomastia in overweight or obese men or men who had experienced massive weight loss.

After Weight Loss

By undergoing bypass surgery or dieting can achieve massive weight loss, but all these addresses one issue which can in turn lead to result in another. Where overall body weight is reduced but the skin in the chest are may remain still problematic. Stretch marks are common, and excessive skin may lose its elasticity, preventing it to return back to normal. The breast seems to be large with droopiness and sagging downward.

The options for treatment after massive weight loss are:
    • Free nipple graft and skin removal at 3 weeks post operation
    • The breast fat tends to fall but does not completely disappear right after the massive weight loss since very little breast fat and glands still remain behind. For this situation male breast reduction would be best than that of typical treatment for Gynecomastia. There is extreme stretching of remaining skin, where this surgery tightens the skin and moves the nipple and areola up to new position on chest. In some cases, they are either reattached or removed as a free nipple graft once the excess skin is eliminated.
Two-Stage Procedure

The surgery technique which will be used depends on the severity of the case. In some cases, there is a two stage procedure which is a better option for minimizing the scarring amount. For most cases however, a more aggressive approach is taken or may be needed, requiring longer incisions that is similar to mastectomy. The scars will be fading with healing time.

Gynecomastia In Overweight Or Obese Men

The obese or overweight man has a tremendous burden to carry since not only there is a physical issue of health associated with obesity, but it may also result into male breast enlargement, which both can have a significant emotional impact on one’s life. This abnormal growth of breasts in men can become a challenge to conceal in clothing because the female like appearance can be embarrassing. Self confidence and esteem can be deeply affected.

Weight Gain And Its Effect On The Chest Area

The marker of male genetics triggers fat accumulation in area of chest, flanks and abdomen as a man starts gaining weight. There are some areas of body that experiences less fat loss even when there is a weight lost. The chest can accumulate increase of breast gland tissue and fat when there is an excessive weight gain. With this increase in fat, the levels of estrogen increases as well triggering additional development of breast in men.

Treatment Options

The first option as treatment is weight loss, but this may not solve the entire problem and can be difficult. Bypass surgery is another expensive option and some insurance companies may even not cover this procedure.

Second option can be corrective surgical treatment for the overweight or obese man. The procedure is very similar to that performed when there is massive weight loss; however, in this case, the fat tissue needs to be addressed.

One must remember that every case of individual is unique on its own and it is important for the patient and surgeon to discuss all of the pros and cons of the surgery. Male breast reduction, the surgery for treating Gynecomastia, is not however, it is not a weight loss surgery neither an option for treating obese man.

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