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What Are The Available Treatments For Gynecomastia?

It can be effectively treated with minimal discomfort because of the advancement of
technology and medical science. Entire course of gynecomastia includes pre-op consultation,
surgical procedure and post-op recovery procedure.

How Is The Surgical Procedure Performed?

First of all, a candidate needs to understand the type of gynecomastia one is having and a
detailed consultation with the concerned aesthetic surgeon id highly required. Before planning
the surgical steps, a surgeon evaluates the severity of the condition, one’s breast tissues
including glandular and fatty and thereby determining the right approach of surgery gets easier
for a physician.
The ratio of the glandular and fatty tissues varies from each candidate to another. If, in case,
the amount of the fatty tissue is more than that of the gland tissues, surgical fat removal
procedure will be appropriate to treat the condition. Glandular tissues, on the other hand, are
usually surgically removed with a scalpel. There are times, when both the surgical procedures
can be combined to treat gynecomastia. Usually, the surgery is carried out under general
anesthesia although in some cases local anesthesia might be used along with intravenous

How Will Be The Final Result?

A candidate is able to gain immediate results along with swelling, temporary bruising and
scarring and these will be minimized over a span of six weeks. An aesthetic surgeon prescribes
compression garments and pain medication along with recommending a healthy lifestyle. A
good session or pre-operative consultation minimizes the possibilities of post-surgical

What Is The Right Age Of Undergoing Gynecomastia Surgery?

As per the cosmetic surgeons, there is no particular age which defines the occurrence of male
breasts and the need of surgery to be performed. Most of the times, these cases are evaluated
on the basis of the respective individuals who are considering an aesthetic surgery. Usually,
newborn and adolescent boys face the issue of gynecomastia more often than the other age
groups. In some of the cases, the condition disappears with the passing course of time, while in
some cases; surgical procedure is required for the removal of breast tissues. Sometimes,
elderly persons and athletes also tend to experience this condition.

Are The Obese People More Prone To Develop Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia and excess weight gain might be co-incidental in some cases but greater
increase of fatty tissues often lead one to accumulate excess fat around the chest region and in
some cases, this can be treated with the right kind of exercises and balanced diet.

Is Gynecomastia Related With Medications And Drugs?

Gynecomastia occurs as a side effect when certain medications or drugs are consumed on a
regular basis. For instance, body building steroids can worsen this condition.

Does Gynecomastia Surgery Involve Any Risks Or Complications?

Any kind of cosmetic surgery, including gynecomastia procedure, has the potentiality of some
amount of risk factors and most importantly, each case is different in terms of how a
candidate’s body is going to response to the surgical procedure. It has been majorly observed
that male breast removal is a safe surgery and there are no involvements of major
complications if everything goes right. However, minimal discomforts like pain, tenderness,
numbness, temporary scarring and stiffness are common and these can be controlled with
adequate medications.

Is The Surgical Procedure Painful And Expensive? Is It Long Lasting?

The cost of the surgery varies on widely differing factors such as the skills and qualifications of
the surgeon, severity of the condition, geographical location of the surgical clinic, and fees of
the pre-op surgical tests, post-operative medications and pressure garments and so on.
Though, the possibilities of successful outcomes are higher when the surgery is performed by a
skilled surgeon, a candidate needs to be prepared for the cost of revision surgery as well. The
surgery ensures healthy recovery and the final outcomes are certainly long-lasting.

How Long Will Be The Recovery Period?

The recovery procedure completely depends on the lifestyle and health condition of
individual candidate and the recovery span may take about two to three weeks. One can
resume daily chores of life once the aesthetic surgeon has advised so. Ensuring sufficient rest
and well-balanced diet can help one to recover faster. After the initial healing span is over, a
candidate can witness steady and gradual improvements in the chest contour.

How Can A Candidate Ensure Safety Measures After The Surgical Procedure?

A candidate must follow all the instruction given by the cosmetic surgeon in order to gain
healthier and faster recovery. Eating balanced diet, doing mild exercises, consumption of
regular pain medications, having a positive frame of mind and avoiding any kind of stress help
one to go through a smooth healing span.

How Can One Find A Skilled Gynecomastia Surgeon?

It is strongly advised that a candidate consults a well-skilled and board-certified aesthetic
surgeon who has a significant amount of experience in performing gynecomastia surgery for a
long span of time. One needs to ensure meeting the physician in person and know more about
his/ her background, personal skills and overall experience. Along with finding the right
gynecomastia surgeon, one must focus on finding out the right aesthetic surgery clinic. We, at
Harley Gynecomastia Clinic provide the candidates with free consultation session before
proceeding with the final surgical procedure.

Does A Candidate Need To Implement Lifestyle Changes To Get The Most Desired Outcome?

As it is mentioned before, apart from being a hormonal controlled condition, gynecomastia can
also be caused due to obesity and especially, middle aged men experience this condition.
Therefore, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle consisting of regular exercise and
consumption of balanced food.

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