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Gynecomastia And Its Psychological Impact

When Gynecomastia is discovered by a man or boy, it often leaves a great psychological impact on their sense of self and emotional being. We often associate breasts with female. Anything looking like breasts means female, but there are many men who have female like characteristics and finds themselves antithetical to being male.

For onset period of adolescent, this male breast enlargement happens at the worst period of life. This is one period where boy starts to mature with the increased hair growth, the deepening of his voice and suddenly when his chests starts to grow unexpectedly and certainly unwanted, it leaves him confused. The first thought comes to his mind is being sick or something wrong with him. There comes a sense of isolation from the world due to much shame to talk about it to anyone.

For most girls and boys the bodily changing is deeply private. The more education parents provide, it becomes easier for one to move through this transitional period to physical adulthood. If you happen to suffer from abnormal chest growth talking it out with your parents is best possible way. Unfortunately to this day for most, Gynecomastia is still a condition that is unknown. While there are parents who understand, but there are father or sometimes mother who are dismissing or even humiliating and can reject if a son doesn’t match their picture of what a boy should look like.

Many boys suffer in silence because of this feared rejection. They happen to retreat from friends, family, social and athletic activities out of the fear being getting discovered that they are less of a man. If no reach out for support is being shown towards the boy from trusted people, it can bring in a lifelong social distrust and isolation. This fear of humiliation and rejection for most boys is not based on reality since most parents want their kids to be happy and they will do whatever it takes to make them resolve this issue.

It is important to take seriously the feelings of these young men from a psychological perspective. It is very important to honor the young man since he is taking a huge risk and incredibly vulnerable by exposing something this personal.

The onset of adulthood is very a different experience for most of men. It takes a long time to get familiar with male bodies and once they start experiencing enlargement of male breasts, this another change that one needs to accept or change, but is not a sign of diminishing of his manhood. The only cure for Gynecomastia is undergoing surgery where it not only brings some light and relief physically but even emotionally as well. An important part for healing of men and boys is changing the body but often it is not only the issue since there needs to be attention of the healing of mind as well.

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